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My Inspiration


As an artist I have chosen oil painting as my primary medium for realizing the visions in my brain and heart that I want to share.

I also like assembling found objects, mostly “rusty bits” and have included them in several of my paintings.  These can be seen as an homage to the environment, but in truth, I just love the beauty of these objects.  (I have also assembled them into “sculptures.”)


I adore color and depth.  In my color field paintings, if you look closely you will realize that the color that results is made up of many layers of colors – I stop when I feel the colors that have emerged fit my “mood.”

I have done a series of mixed media on paper, primarily ink, which I felt were what one would see if they magnified a minute section of an object or plant. They are extremely detailed and colorful.

I stretch my own canvases and prep them with many coats of Gesso to get the surface I desire. I sand, re-gesso and sand again.  I continue my paintings around the edges because I find white unfinished edges distracting.  Framing of my oil paintings is an option but I feel that they  can sometimes distract from my vision.

I hope that others enjoy the results of my efforts and that my work invokes, mystery, inspiration, contentment, curiosity and/or pleasure.


Brenda Reinertson 

BFA-California College of Arts (& Crafts)